Seventh House Candle

Order A7982 for Shoppe Westernly

Order A7982 for Shoppe Westernly

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2- Yippie

2- Way out West

2- Happy Trails

2- Golden Hour

2- Spurs

2- Howdy Honey

2- Open Range

2- Cactus Water

2- Country Backroad

2- Lady Luck

2- Prairie Grass

1- Cosmic

1- Saguaro

1- Mesa Mirage

1- Wilder


Our soy wax is harvested from a Glyphosate free, soybean farm.

Organic coconut oil to soften wax and increase scent throw.

Fine fragrance oils which contain no phthalates, hormone/endocrine disrupters, parabens or aldehydes.

All Natural Essential oils.

Unbleached, organic cotton wick.


All orders ship out of our studio within 1-5 business days.

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