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Seventh House Candle

CITRONELLA Outdoor candle

CITRONELLA Outdoor candle

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Real Citronella oil is used in our 3 wicked, outdoor candle. Bugs don't stand a chance. Most store bought Citronella candles use synthetic oil which does not repel flying insects. Only real Citronella oil will keep them at bay.

16oz, metal container with lid. Total burn time is 100+ hours.

Do not leave candle outside in direct heat. While not in use, bring candle indoors to a cool location. This is not meant to be burned indoors.


Our soy wax is harvested from a Glyphosate free, soybean farm.

Organic coconut oil to soften wax and increase scent throw.

Fine fragrance oils which contain no phthalates, hormone/endocrine disrupters, parabens or aldehydes.

All Natural Essential oils.

Unbleached, organic cotton wick.


All orders ship out of our studio within 1-5 business days.

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